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Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth-colored-fillingsCavities are mainly pits in your teeth caused by decay. You may see tooth cavities since its location is around the hole and has a brown or grey appearance. In this case, a filling is advised since this may gradually expand and may access the nerve canal which will eventually cause pain. However, a filling can also be recommended to replace or perhaps restore a broken or chipped tooth.

At Advance Dental Care, we offer tooth colored fillings. Our goal it to help keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Tooth colored fillings allows dentist to treat tooth decay so that no one will ever notice.

Composite or tooth-colored fillings that are used similarly to silver amalgam filings. Once the tooth decay is removed, the tooth is filled with a resin material that looks like putty. The color of the resin is match to your natural tooth color so that it will camouflage. The tooth or teeth are examined to make sure that it has the correct shape and appearance. It is during this time where modifications are made.

After the filling treatment, it is possible to experience some discomfort, particularly at the anesthesia site, if local anesthetic is given, or perhaps in the tooth. To relieve the pain, you can ask for advice regarding the use of non-prescription pain relievers. But in case symptoms continue to persist, then it may be best to contact Advance Dental Care dentist for an evaluation.


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